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Kanye West - Hey Mama

Happy Mother’s Day!

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Taken from The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám, 1961

Artwork by Robert Stewart Sherriffs






*eats 420 corn cobs*
Hahaha maize it

*eats 420 potato chips*
Hahaha Lays it

*fathers 420 children*
Hahaha raise it

*writes 420 sentences*
Hahaha phrase it

*gets stunned by 420 stun guns*
Hahaha taze it

*plays a 420-stringed guitar*

Hahaha plays it


vereda tropical

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The Jagdhaus Tamers by EM2 Architekten | via

Located in San Vigilio di Marebbe, Italy, the Jagdhaus Tamers is a cozy mountain cabin built entirely of wood. Designed by EM2 Architekten, the cabin has the special feature of a wall that can be opened up completely, exposing the home to the environment that surrounds it - and the stunning mountain viewscapes.. Built with minimal windows so that when it is empty it can be buttoned up and safe from curious wildlife, the home has a few long and linear windows and one large glazing that let the natural light in, but its not until the wall is opened up that the connection with the outdoors is complete.

The Jagdhaus Tamers is surrounded by a forest of tall, majestic trees that is home to a wide array of wildlife and when the homeowners spend time in their home away from home, they have a unique ability to enjoy the beautiful sounds of nature.

Photography: Mads Mogensen

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Nickel Creek has found their sweet spot, I am so glad to hear them back together, and can’t wait to pick up their full length.


Ilya Kisaradov Aka Ezorenier Takes Gorgeous Surreal Photography


Russian photographer Ilya Kisaradov’s subjects are primarily women, who are out in the open with nature. In her photographs, the image of the birdcage appears a few times, possibly symbolizing imprisonment. The confinement of her subjects juxtaposed against the backdrop of the openness of nature illustrates the dichotomy between humans and nature and how we continuously imprison ourselves by getting further and further away from nature. Though regardless of what message one may take away from Ilya Kisaradov photographs, their stunning quality and surreal imagery are electrifying and compels the viewer to gaze intently. She is both expressive and contemplative.

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Sean Connery on the set of Diamonds Are For Ever, 1968

Terry O’Neill

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